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Look up the blue book value and number made. If its not terrifically valuable, and comparatively few made, I say shoot it. I've shot a number of new in the box Winchetsr 94 commemoratives. Most shoot very well, and are nicer to look at than the similar standard grade guns. I understand that there's some financial loss, but there is with any new gun. Weigh the cost, decide if its worth it to you, and make a decision.

I've shot 2 or 3 NIB Bufffalo Bill commemoratives, several Canadian Centennials, and a couple others I've forgotten. I have no regrets on any of them. I enjoyed them all very much while I owned them. Some of the 26" octagon rifle versions are the only practical way to own a excellent condition shooter version of that model and type. They are generally priced pretty reasonably compared to standard grade guns. Many of the commemoratives never really took off in price. I still see new in the box, 1960's vintage 26" barreled commemorative rifles in the $600 range, up from the $500 range a few years ago.
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