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Well Bob, I was at the local gun store and I held a New Model Blackhawk and also the Stallion with a birdshead grip.

It's hard to argue with the hands sir!
I went in there planning to buy the NM Blackhawk (for $380, seemed like a fair price) but the grip seemed awkward...I wish it felt better. As a beginner reloader I see LOTS of fun with the massive Blackhawk and it sure felt like a tank! I think it could double as a hammer!

I wanted it, but the grip felt not-quite right...much to my dismay

I'm going to be finding a birdshead gripped gun, Does Ruger make one by any chance?
You also have a lot to answer for, if I'm not have posted many pictures of beautiful Ruger Vaqueros and Blackhawks. And by beautiful, I mean case-colored, blued, with wood grips.
You have some envious pieces...
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