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Understanding the loading manual!

My dad and i decided to get into reloading last year, so we went out and bought a progressive hornandy reloader. Started out with 45acp, using CCI primers, once fired brass, hodgens titegroup powder, and 230 grain plated berrys bullets. I loaded them up with a recipe that I found on here. And other than my dad having a few jams we have had no problems with them.

So today we started setting up the 40 s&w dyes, I wanted to find the recipe in the loading manual, hopefully using the same powder. So I got out the hornandy manual that we bought but it only has info if you are using hornandy bullets.

So my question is how many different manuals do you have, wich one do you refer to? There's not always a recipe using plated bullets, so what do you go by?

Thanks in advance
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