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Thank you very much Bob!

Exactly the info I was looking for, I will pass on the scaled-down frame and go for something intended for 357 mag levels.

It's strange that even the SAA clones are blown up and have to be back-ordered, I have not had as much success as I expected ordering with Uberti, Beretta, or Cimarron! That's why I was preparing to jump on the local gun store option if it checked out...
I had one fella who said he could back-order one of the Cimarron Thunderers, but again choices, choices!

I'm leaning towards the Beretta Stampede Marshal because that is the only SAA clone I know of with the transfer-bar safety AND the 4-click, traditional operation...
That 6-up carry is a nice option to have!

I will admit to being strongly influenced by someone on here who shared a picture of a Beretta Stampede Marshal, I took the liberty of saving it for future reference...
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