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Hampton Gun show a Bust

Hampton Gunshow was today and will be on again tomorrow.


Took longer to find a parking place than it did to drive the 25 miles to the show.

Line for tickets was out to the parking lot. I printed my ticket off the internet and I am certain it saved an hour long wait.

There are starting to be more black powder revolvers from Traditions. Prices are running from average (about what one pays through Cabelas) to about fifty percent over the online prices.

Ammunition was almost non-existent. Hi-cap magazines were going like hot cakes. Two of the largest ammo vendors were not even at the show. I figure they did not have anyting to sell. I was looking for .357, .45LC or 45-70. I saw a total of forty rounds of .45 LC at more than a buck a round and that was it. There wasn't even any brass to buy.

The only two things I was interested in was a Heritage Bounty Hunter used at 450.00. (I kept my money in my pocket since I can buy that pistol new on for under 400.00 any time I want it) and a Officer's model trapdooor. (I put three "o"s in trapdoor since there were three zeros in the price.....$25,000.00...) That trapdoor was sweet.

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