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I have bought a number of firearms from Bud's. I don't care for them but when it comes to pricing and availability they are hard to beat.

I always go to the manufacturer's website and make sure the model number of what I want to buy matches with the model number Bud's shows. The only time I've had trouble with Bud's was on my first purchase from them and I did not do that. Part of the fault was mine and part of it was Bud's but they did not come to the plate. Anyway, if you do what is suggested above you will be okay.

Once your firearm is with the FFL, make sure it is what you ordered and that there is no damage before you accept it. It is perfectly acceptable to refuse to take a firearm that has issues. If you accept the firearm it is immediately classified as used and cannot legally be resold as NIB by a dealer.

I have it on pretty good authority that the items from Bud's that take a long time to ship are coming directly from the manufacturer or distributor.

The VIP thing has always bothered me but I went ahead and paid for it this year for one reason. If you are a VIP member you get first shot at popular items that sell out quickly. VIP members get first shot for 72 hours before anyone else.

Last, Bud's free shipping does not include insurance. You will have to pay for insurance which is usually seven or eight dollars.
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