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On January 16th, I scored an 8lb jug of IMR-8208 XBR to load .223.....midsouth shooter's supply sold out 10 minutes after I placed my order, but they did ship my keg.

A week prior to that, I scored 500 50 grain .223 hollowpoints from Midwayusa, again....they sold out 30 minutes after I placed my order.

About 5 years ago.....I bought 15,000 primers from Widener's......5k of small rifle, 5k of small pistol and 5k of larger rifle. I've only used about 5K of them so far.

My loadin' bench is sittin' pretty and well stocked.

I also have 8lbs of IMR-4895 and 1000 Nosler 168 gr hpbt's for my .308.
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