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I need some SAA clone, pre-buyer advice here! To +p? Or not to +p? 38long/38spl

Hey guys, the bug has bitten me!

It is time for a new gun, and I want to go for a nice single action's the deal...

I have been doing some research and I have found that there are a lot of, for lack of a better term, similarities between Uberti, Cimarron, and Beretta's line-ups of single action revolvers.

Now, at the local gun store there is a beauty of a gun, a "Stoeger Stallion" with the birdshead gripframe, beautiful case-coloring, bluing, and 3 1/2inch barrel. It feels great in the hands!
Now, If my findings are correct, this guy is about 6-7 ounces lighter, and 7/8th's to scale of the average "normal, regular-sized SAA clones."

So, this is like the Cimarron Lightning, the Uberti Stallion, the Some-other maker's Model "P" Jr., and the other 20% scaled down guns...correct? (I believe they are even considered a 22 caliber frame)

The drawback, as I see it; is that this gun is chambered for 38long/38spl as written on the barrel...however, I have been learning how to reload (Thanks to a fellow TFL-er!)
And I really want to keep things simple and a single caliber would be best for a just-starting-out reloader like myself.
(I plan to start collecting reloading equipment, and so far I only load 38spl for my j-frame...I have thousands of 38spl brass already)

I would prefer to find a birdshead-gripped gun, but in the 357 mag loading, that way I could ramp up some hotter +p 38spl's.

Now for the question after the intro and explanation:
Can I shoot 38spl +P loadings in this gun?

I know reloading is similar for both 357/38spl, but if for nothing else only having to collect one caliber of brass would be nice.
I would really like to load some +p's for this gun however; seeing the "38long/38spl" on the barrel has me second guessing the safeness of powering up the 38spl for this particular 7/8th's scale gun.

I just want simplicity of reloading, so is it safe to shoot +p's out of the smaller framed SAA clones?
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