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Most likely culprit?

Took my new-to-me Savage 111 in .270 out for the first time today. No accutrigger, cheaper Bushnell scope shooting 150 Grn Remington Core-Lokt (rounded bullets, not even the pointed ones). I was shooting off a bipod on big cement table, and had towels folded up under the stock. Overall it was pretty solid, although the chair was a little too low for the height of the table.

At 100 yards, I had a 4 shot group where 3 were in a little over an inch and one was about 4" high. I had a second group that was 5 shots, 3 were in about a 1.75" group and I had 2 that were about 4" high. Very random that both groups had fliers 4" high. A third group was strung out horizontally, but I think that was me with bad trigger control because I was getting a little cold.

The question is about the 4" fliers. I'm no trained sniper, but most days I do pretty good. One guess is the scope. Have you ever heard or seen a scope that would bounce around its zero, but bounce consistently? The one scope I've had that went bad was literally all over the place. The second theory is the bullets, specifically because of the wind. Can rounded bullets be affected that much at only 100 yards? It was windy and blowing from about my 10 to my 4. Those are the rounds that came with the rifle, I would have never bought them myself.

One other note, when I was shooting at 25 yards to get a close sighting in, the first 3 shots were amazingly accurate, even considering it was at 25 yards. There was very little wind when I first got out there. I was pretty impressed and was starting to think I had completely lucked out. Because of this I'm leaning towards wind pushing the rounded bullets around more than I'm used to it pushing my normal pointed ones.

I'll replace the scope eventually, but I wanted ask because this kind of a weird problem I've never seen before.

Sorry for the long post!
The Jeep has been a lot of fun, but time to come back to my first hobby.. shooting.
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