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again thanks for all of the replies. ive narrowed it down some. im thinking a sagave 10, 11, or 111. ive seen all of those rifles with detachable mags (which i want) but it appears that not all of the models do depending on the version of the model? (help with that dilemma) also with $500 (maybe $600 but that is certanly pushing it) being my budget and i dont know when ill have money to really upgrade a lot so i would like to have a full package to start with. im going to stick with .223. i will definatly like to get .308 if the future but for now i have .223 ammo on hand. i like the lower recoil to be able to focus on other marksman ship skills then move on towards the higher calibers. the more i learn about getting into distance shooting the more i feel that i need to get (seems to always be that way ). so yet again i need some more advice. i would like to get a few items and will need advice on products and how they will fit into my budget.
log book
range finder
spotting scope
anything else you guys have to add?
i was thinking that if i got a better scope i could go without a spotting scope (what do you think?)
so im going to need a lot of advice. im willing to take it slow for the most part but i am eager to get out and learn.
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