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Random Ruger Mkiii 22/45 rust, anyone else have this problem?

Hey all this is my first post here but ive been lurking for a while haha.

I took my Mkiii 22/45 out of the closet to give it a good oiling this week. I field stripped it and when wiping the inside of the rear part of the upper (where the rear 2" of bolt would sit when closed) my rag came out rusty.

I store it in its plastic case in my closet, with either a nice coating of CLP or pretty wet with oil, and i leave the case cracked open all the time. I haven't fired the gun in a while and cleaned and oiled it the last time i did shoot it, so im not really sure how there could have been rust in there.

I used CLP and just wiped it out until the rag came back clean, i looked after i had cleaned it out and didn't see any pitting or anything, and the rust came out really easily almost like it was just powder on the surface.

Has anyone else had this happen?
If there is no pitting is the rust still likely to come back in that area?

Thanks for any info in advance
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