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Living here in Colorado for most of my life I feel I might have something to contribute. I have not listened to the reports as I figure the news will be slanted. First, it is required of law enforcement officer to put down injured animals to stop the suffereing. Next is is legal and encouraged to harvest the remains of a road kill. You simply take the game home and within 24 hours notify the game wardens for a free permit. This keeps many dead carcasses off the road, helps hungry families, and reduces cost to the state. Many private citizens will finish off road injured deer and elk and it is encouraged as this keep the game wardens from having to respond to limitless game calls. Many police departsment had mild handloads for humane kills inside the city limits, thus reducing the noise problem. Many of these TOWN animals are pests and show no fear of humans. In our town deer will lay down and let people mow their yards around them. Could this elk have been so domesticated that it was presumed wounded and unable to rise? I have no clue. Will wait till it all comes out in the wash. That bizarre region of Colorado known as Boulder, actually held a memorial for the elk and over 200 people actually showed up. Unfortunately more of this nonsense is happeneing all over the state as more and more left leaning loonies are moving into the state.
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