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Biggest single first error: Looking at the target and not at the sights.
I agree with this. I learned to shoot a single action 22, single handed bullseye style, when I was a kid. When I learned to focus on that front sight instead of the target, my accuracy improved through the roof.

I find it interesting that in some target related sports we focus on the target, and on some we focus on the "bullet thrower". I think(?) boxing and martial arts promotes focus on the target, not on the fist/hand. Baseball batters don't focus on the bat. Golfers, OTOH, focus on the ball, perhaps the equivalent of the front sight. I'm not sure where tennis players focus.

What about archery? They seem to have a pretty weird sight to target setup. Any archers here? Do you focus on that sight stud thing on the front of your bow? Is that the equivalent of our pistol/rifle front sight?

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