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I was just busting your chops
I know I know!

if it works fine without the grips on you are using the wrong grips. If it doesn't work fine without the grips on your trigger return spring is broken.
It was acting funny without the grips too. I pushed that return spring in a little deeper and it was better. Put the grips on and function tested and it's fine now...But they again, it was fine before that too and on the range it still did that during live rounds. So it's a little bipolar. It's going in the safe and off my waist band.

Funny, this CCW replaced my G19 for acting up. Now the 220 is acting up.

If I strap the Glock 17 on (it's on my 4 o'clock now) and something happens to it. I'm hexed.

Going to buy that trigger return spring/wire on and see what happens afterwards...

Actually..I'll wait and buy the whole spring kit. Think it's like $100 right? Better idea?
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