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A comment made was this when I showed my outrage on another board.

"You do realize what has been going on in this country right?

These shootings are going to have an effect somewhere, especially in a grade school.

You might as well get over it, as this attitude is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Im a gun owner, and these violent crimes have still irked me. Something needs to change.....

They are establishing the fact that guns in school are NOT ok at an early age. At this point this doesnt bother me one bit...."

The punishment doesn't fit the crime IMO. This knee jerk reaction is only hurting the poor kid and this will now show up on her permanent record. This is just stupid, it's already well established that you're not allowed to bring weapons to schools, so doing something like this at a young age accomplishes what exactly? Nothing!

Proper parenting and guidance is needed not a suspension for something as harmless as this.
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