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I own a 2" example and find the quality is very high, which surprises me for Chiappa.
The frame is made from very high grade aluminum and the recoil shield is very smoothly polished steel.
The hexagonal 6-shot cylinder makes the revolver the same width as a 5-shot J-Frame.
It's an absolute breeze to shoot. Amazingly low recoil impulse.
Just make sure you keep your fingers away from the front of the cylinder. There's a little vent there that will burn the flesh right off you if you misplace your finger, or so I've been told.
The trigger pull on mine is smooth and reasonably light. I find the trigger easy to use.
My 2" version came with a fitted leather pancake holster in the box that has worked just fine for me.
My only complaint is it's 24oz weight which I find slightly heavy for everyday concealed carry.

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