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And my first semi-auto pistols....

Fellow Members,

After a long departure from firearm ownership I decided to get back into the sport.

Unfortunately my timing couldn't have been worse. The prices are high, selection is terrible and of course high capacity mags are nearly impossible to find. Oh and don't forget the ammo......

Anyway, I decided to start with the SIG P239 SAS for my wife and I. But of course I couldn't stop there and started looking for a M&P9 but couldn't find anything so I settled on the M&P 9c. At time of purchase I hated the ~10lb trigger pull and got the LGS to throw in a spring kit and some "gunsmithing" at no additional charge.

And "bang" ...... the trigger pull on the M&P is roughly ~5lbs now. So I am more than satisfied.

Below is the start of my pistol collection. I think the Ruger SR22 is next on the list for some low cost plinkin. Enjoy:

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