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stevens 620 slide release spring assembly

I just got my grandpa's stevens 620 shotgun. I have gone through it, cleaned it, and re- oiled. While doing this I found that the slide release spring that connects to the hammer and the slide release is broken. Because of this when the gun is fired the slide doesn't release itself automatically.
If I understand the way this gun works correctly the idea is that when the hammer strikes the firing pin the spring pushes the slide release and allows the pump action to occur automatically, without pushing the slide release tab by the trigger guard. I have bought a new spring, however because the existing one is snapped I am unsure how it re-assembles. On the slide release mechanism there are two rivets that have a guard on them, I think the spring pushes down on them. Does the spring go above one of the rivets or both? Or am i completely wrong, please help, thanks.. A picture of one properly assembled may be all I need I have searched but can't find any.
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