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10/22 Bolt Stuck Closed

Hi all,

I got a new 10/22 last week and was just now putting a scope on it. I have yet to put a round in it and have cycled the bolt a few times with no problems. After putting the scope on, I tried to pull back the bolt, and it's completely stuck.

I've read the manual and can't find anything. I'm new to the gun but I've toggled the safety, pushed the bolt release in any direction it will go, and still can't get the bolt to slide back. It's very stiff and won't budge. The bolt lever has a mm or so of play, but the bolt doesn't move at all.

Since I'm new to the gun, I'm guessing its user error but I'm completely stumped. I removed the scope in a last ditch effort that maybe the screws threaded through the stock in to the bolt, but no luck still.

Any ideas?
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