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On one of the forms it says how to fill out the check,you used plastic,no problem.

No complaint to the folks at CMP,but I found trying to use the phone to contact them an excersize in frustration.In fairness,they aren't getting rifles shipped by staffing the phones.

I did get excellent service on an e-mail for a question on paperwork.

You may be pleasantly surprised on the wait.I ordered mine approx Dec 1 and received it before Christmas,about a 21 day turnaround during the pre Christmas season.

Once again,as far as how they "triage" their time,I did not see anything about my order in my CMP account activity ,pending order,etc,.I just got a Fedex notice it had been shipped.

My assumption,the way we can help get rifles shipped is by leaving them alone to get orders processed and shipped

Enjoy your Garands!
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