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I have a shop like that, he is the only shop in my town of 1100 and I don't normally like to make the 15 mile commute to "town" to look at gun stuff and he's right around the corner but between the 3 generations behind the counter, he is a jerk that could tell you that you are the sexiest man alive and have it sound like an insult, his son is exactly as you described, wears a springfield shirt every time I go in yet he does nothing but push GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK and every inquiry I've made with him requires a a snort and a chuckle before his condescending response. the grandson isn't in there that often but is a little easier to deal with except he doesn't really read up on a lot so he doesn't have that much knowledge about what's behind the counter. I think I'm about done going to them unless it's for little stuff like bore brushes and ear plugs and the like.

a few of those rings are like that, kindof tricky and operate in a fashion other than what seems physically possible, a lot of savages had that same style mount. I will tell you though that they had to get the scope in it some way so it also has to come out that same way.
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