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every other product I've looked at with the Chiappa name on it is, well, crap
Wild guess, you've only handled their 22LRs before the Rhino? I've heard nothing but praise for their reproduction lever guns. Only caution from people who've used their 22s exclusively. I've messed with a dozen or so Rhinos at various events, and all were similar; heavy cocking lever, weird (not bad so much as different) trigger take up, and middle-road workmanship. I haven't bought one because I think they're a 400$ gun, not 800$, but not because they seemed terrible.

The newer ones are cut for moon clips and you don't have to use them.
When did they start doing that? I might be interested again if I can use moon clips (and 5-star makes hex-profile speedloaders for the Rhino )

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