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2nd Generation GSG-5P Modification AOW


As the GSG-5P is technically a pistol, then hopefully this post will fit in this particular category. Also, I am new to this forum, so please forgive my lack of knowledge or misdirected questions.

OK, I have a GSG-5P that I would like to accessorize (it had no rail at all). I understand that I cannot add a stock or a fore grip which would make the weapon an AOW due to the barrel length. Is there any other accessory that could make it an AOW (especially since I am not licensed for an AOW)? Yes, I know there are other handguns I could spend my money and time on; however, this is relatively cheap compared to some of the other guns I have. Any suggestions of accessories or pictures of your modifications would be helpful, I don't want to purchase anything that will not work.

Thanks for the help!
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