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What a beautiful photo, that old " Butter Knife" handle is very distinct.My rifle came as answering an ad for shot gun for sale.
went to look at the shotgun,bought it, then the man said I have this old rifle also. It was a mess, but I bought it also.Took it home, sawed the barrel off and sent the rest to P.O.Akley in Salt Lake City.They called me,and said it would be quite a while before they could work on it, as they were not scheduled to work of 6.5 for a year.Anyhow it finally came home, and it is beautiful. The best part is when you go to a hunting camp, and pull that rifle out of the case. All of the old timers set up and start wanting to look at that thing.I tell you that thing is just like a bolt of lightning hit a deer. I found a set of dies, and brass so I'm reloading for mine.This if the caliber Ernest Hemingway bought for his wife to take to Africa. Smooth as butter.
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