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As for vets being included in this, imho would because we should have all been trained in some basic security technics anged weapons handling
Operative word being - basic.
All LEO's in Ohio go through more than "basic" training.....and for a lot more than just "security".

Heck, I went through the basic 100 hour private police course in Ohio about 30 years ago.
How much more intensive is military security traing than that?

All teachers and substitutes in Ohio have to go through the State BCI and FBI background checks so that's covered for subs..

Do these retired LE personnel have the appropriate training to be a substitute teacher?
Don't know/don't care....that's not up to me.
That's up to whoever makes the requirments for a teacher to have a teaching certificate.
That's also sort of a silly thing to say since it would apply to a vet also -

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