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In a shoot fast and slow motion are in play and your hearing shuts down. Adrenaline! IT takes a trained and skilled LEO to keep his/her senses clean and stay aware of tunnel vision to eliminate it. Always stay in high ready and check your back after a shoot! This is how we train on the range and the way you train is the way you react in a real engagement.

ON the range,,,shoot on the move, check over your right and left shoulder, check yoru partners. Never stand in one place and shoot. Do your tactical reloads and keep the pistol or rifle at full capacity. Always reload in the high ready, never down near your mag pouches. Be ready to punch out and fire again!!! Then check your back again. Use cover if available. Always train real life!!!!! Always practice fast draw, dry fire, and mag changes. Tac reloads are important. Muscle memory!!!!
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