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as to the question of which is the better model. the P89 is discontinued and has been for some time now, you still see them at gun shows but obviously if it breaks beyond repair Ruger will be unable to offer you a replacement. I kindof like the P89 but I do not like slide mounted safeties which every P series pistol I've picked up has so I am slightly biased against them. I am warming up to DA/SAs now that I have had some time away from the M9 and am starting to handle some decent variations of them. I handled a P89 at my last gun show, it felt great in hand, the balance wasn't horrible, it WAS hefty but nothing so unmanageable as a HK USP or desert eagle. the only things that really turned me off was the rough appearance and slide mounted safety.

if they were to bring back a P89 with the SR series level of fit/finish, a frame mounted safety and the SR9 ammo capacity, I would buy it in a heart beat.
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