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If you do not put a light on your rifle or pistol, then you are at a great disadvantage if you get into a night shoot.

Why do you think law enforcement and SWAT teams have pistol and rifle mounted lights?

Civilians face the same threats as LEO's. You should consider some updated tactical shooting training and night shooting training.

All major LE agencies have night shoot qualifications and tactical shooting exercises with Tactical lights.

Companies like Surefire design weapon lighting system for military and law enforcement for a very good reason.

In review of officer involved night shooting incidents, nearly every time LEO's and military personel involved in night shoots using pistol or rifle mounted lights put thier bullets on target with quicker and more precise target aquisition.

I use my rifle and pistol mounted lights nearly every single night I work patrol and have used them during nearly every single search warrant service for interior structure clearing.

Weapon mounted lighting systems are the BEST way to deploy and the only safe way to to deploy.

Then again, I don't just stand at a shooting range table in a fatla funnel and shoot my guns with one eye closed either!
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