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Newbie flustered in Illinois
A couple things to start with:

Illinoiscarry. The forum is a good place to stay on top of what's happening.

Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day, a "ministry of the Illinois State Rifle Association". Coming right up. Be there. If you've never seen 8000 people march, well, it's really something to see. This year is important. We go, show the flag, touch base with our reps, let Madigan, Cullerton and Quinn know we're here.

I need to wait for my FOID card; it's now been over 5 weeks.
At work we have people who sent in their FOID apps right after the election. They're still waiting. The law says 30 days. Contact your state rep, and have them lean on the ISP. In normal times that expedites the process, probably won't help now.

My worries (admittedly perhaps due to ignorance on my part) are about the state I live in and magazines.
"The usual supects" tried their crap in the lame duck session. We melted the phone lines, and headed them off. For the moment.

With regard to 2nd ammendment issues, the power is pretty evenly divided in this state. The division is not R. vs. D. It's Chicago and its immediately adjacent vassals, vs. "downstate". (I hate that term.)

Until the ruling from the 7th Circuit on Moore vs. Madigan, we had very little change in the stalemate. Now, the state has to enact carry legislation, and has until June to do it. The "CCW cliff". (And right after the ruling, we get the CT shooting. Funny how that works.)

Also, IF there was some crazy limit like 7 placed on magazines, what do I do with a firearm which accepts 13 round magazines? Would the manufacture come out with lower capacity magazines, or would I have the 13 round magazines modified by someone? I'm so lost.
Magazine bans. Nothing's in play at this instant.

Plenty of stuff uses 7 round mags. That seems to be the magic safe number this time around, down from 10. I predict a swelling in popularity of big single stack.45s.

Nobody makes 7 rounders for most of the service size 9mm and .40 guns. Someone would, if necessary, but noone does now.

Anyhow, I am looking to buy a 4" S&W 686 Plus, and a Glock.
What I'm hearing right now is that stock is very low on everything in the entire distribution chain. From manufacturer to distributor to shop, ti's all getting sold. If you see something sort of like what you want, you probably ought to get it.
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