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I think the 2 pistols are equals, until it comes down to cleaning. The Neos is so easy to breakdown and clean. Being able to easily get to the Breech face is really nice. Digging around inside the chamber with tools, trying to clean the breech on the Ruger just sucks. Ive never had a problem with dis-re-assembly with the Ruger, and thats not what Im talking about. Im talking about actually getting the gunk off of, and out of your pistol. I also like the fact you can barrel swap with the Neos. I like choices, and somedays I might be in target mode(6" with optic) and some days plinker mode(4" open sights)and somedays, squirrel or groundhog hunter(carbine kit). I havent had my Neos very long, but I see myself shooting it more than my Rugers. Each of my Rugers is different, and I have different situations where I would use them, so getting rid of one of them wont happen, but if I was just starting out, and didnt have a .22 pistol, I think I could do anything with my Neos I can do with one of the Rugers, and not be hindered in any way. There needs to be a threaded barrel available for the Neos, and then they would have all the bases covered.
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