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The places I have gone around here are out of about every revolver with a less than 5" barrel. Even finding them on-line is difficult as the prices are fairly inflated.
It will all ease in a few short months at the longest. Evening news watching Americans are quick to adopt, quick to abandon emotional issues. The current "I've got to have a gun" is one of those issues.

[end polit rant...sorry]

I'm a revolver guy. I own both autos and wheelies but it's the revolvers I dig the most. Short, long, small, large, doesn't matter much to me. IF - I was starting out experimenting with revolvers, I'd seek out a S&W Model 19 or 66. That's an either blue or stainless, medium frame 357 magnum. I'd seek a 4" bbl unless I specifically wanted, and was already convinced, I wanted a snubbie. The snubs are cooler than heck and I dig mine. I'm really good with mine - I've shot it a LOT. But some people don't think they shoot well with a shorter barrel. If you're new to short guns, it might be easy to get discouraged if you're not yet up to speed.

The hundred $ or two that you might save buying a Llama or Taurus over a S&W will be insignificant very quickly. A hundred bucks in one year is only about $8 a month. After that, the higher price is amortized and you'll have a work of art pistol vs a workhorse pistol.

I've never shot a Taurus or Llama that I liked.
I've never shot a Ruger that I DIDN'T like.
I've never shot a S&W that I wouldn't pick up FIRST over the Rugers or anything else.
I'm absent of opinions on Colt revolvers. I've shot only two, maybe 100 rounds total. Their cyl release seems "backwards" to a S&W oriented guy, like me. But I would guess they are fine guns. Colt isn't known for making junk.

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