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I've been lucky twice at pawn shops, by looking for the unexpected; a Thompson Contender pistol in an urban pawn shop in 357max, had dust on it. so I made a low offer and walked out with it, and a few years earlier another shop with a Dan Wesson in 357max, was already marked very low again I made a lower offer and got it. The shop owner actually made me sign a no return letter. The DW had been in the shop for 3 years and came back at least once, the shop had a 10 day policy on guns, he told me that they don't make the bullets for it anymore. I told him that it would fire 357 mags and that I'm a reloader and brass is readily available. I actually worked in a pawn shop for awhile and they usually pay about 50% of book value for their guns, so there's no way I'd pay marked price.
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