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Not exactly the same but ....

Not exactly the same but ....I got some gas for my car and to get the cash discount I went into the store and paid cash. Pumped my gas and went back into the store for my receipt and change. I had not locked my car as I should have. All was great until I got home and opened my armrest box to take out my pistol and it was not there. I was terrified. I searched the house, my wife's car and all my stash places I sometimes place the pistol. I researched all those places numerous times hoping that I had overlooked the pistol and lost sleep over it. I decided that I needed to report it to the local sheriff office. I went to the office and met the deputy on duty. He and another officer were very professional with me and asked questions that I expected them to ask. "When did I last see it? When had I been? When did I notice it missing? and repeated those questions in different ways. I had the serial number and they completed the required form. They told me that the serial number would be placed into the National Data Base that if recovered they would know it was stolen. They also assured me that I had done the right thing.

I did not feel that I was under any investigation and as I said earlier they were very professional and polite.

A week later I found the pistol in my house exactly where I had placed it. I called the sheriff's office and notified them of the news.

This was in Fairfield County South Carolina. I learned that I should be more careful and watchful how about my weapon. Also to never leave my auto unlocked or unattended when it has a firearm in it.

If I were in your friend I would go to the office that had recovered her weapon. I am sure that they will ask questions and it would help if she is able to bring proof that she purchased the pistol or even the box it came in. In my opinion it would be worse for her not to go....

Ok now I know I was lucky but please do not beat me up for misplacing my pistol. I know I should have been more responsible and made sure my car was locked up and the pistol secure but we all learn new things every day. My Dad told me a lot of things about life that I should have listened to but some of them I had to learn on my own.

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