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Remember can get sued by ANYONE, for ANYTHING.
Does their case have merit? Can they prove that it does?
And that's the crux, it can cost you a lot of time and money to prove they don't and then more to recover the cost if you can.

Life is full of risk and you can't say inside forever.

I mitigate mine where I can and recognize those that are not risk free (driving)

Some years back we were talking to folks about buying their house. They had a beautiful adopted daughter from overseas. Considering what can happen and what you can get with that kind of adaption it was a wonder for both the parents and her getting to live in a land of opportunity

She had a minor accident at day care and lost the end of a finger. Her parent comment was, "of course we are going to sue".

Rather than count their blessings and the joy of a wonderful child and accept it as the routine of life they sue. While I find it amazing its all too routine.
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