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I ordered the 3 kits with no idea how to start from a blank receiver. I've done a lot of Saigas though so I figured it can't be too hard.

Turns out it's a bit more complicated, but I bought a couple rivet sets, and i think I'll buy a screw kit, too. Might do a little of both or whatnot. I've never riveted anything before, and I don't know how to headspace or press a barrel, so I got to barrels pre-installed. Might end up having to screw the front trunnion, too. Just going to see what happens. I'll probably rivet everything later though.

I see a lot of hate everywhere on the internet for bolts/screws in AKs. So many say they're not safe and "it's your head next to the trunnion" yet through google searches, I've yet to see a single example of an injury or a broken rifle from a screw build. And in my opinion, from seeing pictures...once it's painted I don't really see a considerable difference.
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