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Citadel feeding problems

I have owned a citadel compact 1911 in .45 acp for about two years. I had put a few rounds through it and it ran like a top. I didn't like the slide release and decided to instal a extended slide release. I began having trouble with the rounds not chambering and the magazine fit a little looser in the mag well. I thought the magazine keeper had gotten worn and replaced it. It tightened the mag a bit, but I still had the same trouble. Tried stretching the magazine springs, no good. Tried the recoil spring, no good. Decided just as an afterthought to put the original slide release back in and it ran like a top. I compared both slide releases and there was just a bit of differance in the part that goes through the frame, into the mag well. I filled it to match the one from citadel and it runs fine now. Neither part, extended slide release nor the magazine catch fit without filing them a bit. Seems like the specs on the citadel are just a little off from colt. Probably so you have to go to them for parts.
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