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I think it would probably work well for Taurus to get some, or many parts of Remington/Marlin/H&R...Would give Taurus a good shotgun and centerfire rifle line, as well as a good solid, well liked (at least locally here) rimfire line with Marlin.

I dont know how good a fit it would be for Ruger though. Yes, the pump and semi-auto shotguns would be a compliment, as would the lever action Marlins...With Ruger I see a huge conflict of interest with the Remington/Marlin rimfire line-up. I dont see how Ruger could keep their existing lineup and bring Marlins line-up in as well. Many of the folks who have Marlin model 60's may not be same folks who would buy a 10/22 if the model 60 is dropped, so it would be interesting to say the least. Same with Remintons bolt action rifle line.
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