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Gun Store inventory is minimal....

I stopped by my local gun store which is one of the largest in my area. Their inventory on everything has been bought up. Interestingly, they are very low on revolvers and almost anything carry size. The counter-jockey was complaining to a customer he apparently knew that he was sick of people asking him "when he was going to have this or that gun".

The buying frenzy is still going strong, and just about any handgun is now being targeted by the masses.

Personally, I think this is great news. Lots of new gun owners interested in being able to own a gun. There were a number of women in there buying guns - some knew what they were doing; others were obviously new to this. The gun industry is making money, and this is NOT a bad thing for all of us. I bet the NRA is pretty cash-rich right now, and this is also not a bad thing. Senators will have to think twice before voting for restrictions that will put gun manufacturers and accessory manufacturers out of business. I can wait all of this out and don't mind sitting on the sidelines for now. Also, just around the corner will be a huge used gun market.

So, here's a big 'ol WELCOME NEW GUN OWNERS, from me.
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