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We are living in the "instant gratification" era. Reading a reloading text or manual just takes too long for many new "wanna be reloaders" (just like the new reloader that wants to start on a 1,000 round per hour progressive press/machine). Not a whole lot can be done about this attitude.

One thing I disagree with you about is getting info from "Gun Shop Gurus", Range Rats, or gun counter clerks. I've overheard/been told some really wild load data or reloading practices by some of these self appointed experts, so I confine all (or at least 98%) of my load data gathering to published reloading manuals or texts.

A mentor would be great, but finding a reliable person may be problematic, as reloading attitudes vary (some reload just to shoot a lot and anything that goes bang is good, and some reload to shoot gnats at 500 yards). I would be willing to help a new reloader, but I'm sure my emphasis would be on common sense and with the basics, because as you stated most reloaders fall into a style that suits their reloading needs/wants, and mine may differ from yours.
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