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There is only one answer:

You need to STUDY and BE FAMILIAR WITH the laws in EVERY STATE that you carry in.

What is "business as usual" in one state may be a felony in another.

Example: Ohio: Failure to immediately inform, without being asked, when stopped in your vehicle is a felony.

Indiana? No requirement to inform.

Pass from one state to another and the entire game changes.

EVERY time I pass to other states, I research and learn the laws. I have gone so far as to stop at the last rest area on the highway, stretch, let the dog pee, and use my iPhone to see what is across the border law-wise. Sometimes I am entering "enemy territory" and it's time to unload and use the lock-box (entering NJ from PA, for example). Sometimes it's time to just change the procedure if stopped (passing from PA to Ohio, for example). It is YOUR responsibility to do the right thing.

Playing word games like "I have no grenade launchers, or atomic bombs, etc" is just stupid and childish. Any LEO confronted with this is going to roll his eyes. They see right thru this nonsense, and they immediately know that you have something you are not being square about. That, in itself, is reason for further scrutiny towards developing probable cause to search you without your permission. If you are legal, just tell it the way that it is. If not, then... nobody has sympathy for you. You are an armed criminal and are not part of "our" community.


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