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Stolen Gun - Advice

This occurred in Texas.

A couple years ago a friend of mine was going into the gas station & left her Glock 26 in her car. On her way inside a homeless guy asked her for money but she didn't have any to give him. While she was inside for maybe 1 or 2 min her car window was smashed & some stuff including the gun was taken. She immediately reported it stolen and described how the homeless guy looked who she believed did it but didn't have the serial # to give to the cops.

She just called me today saying the police had left her a message saying that they recovered her gun. They didn't give any details & aren't available until Tuesday. She is concerned that a crime could have been committed with the gun that the police may not even know about yet, so are there any kind of forms they will have her sign to indicate that the gun was stolen and not in her possession from X date - Y date?

Also, since guns aren't registered down here is there any way for the cops to know for sure that it is her gun?

She is concerned almost to the point of not wanting the gun back, any advice?
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