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Considering an XD SA 40 purchase. The gun store salesman raved about this weapon...said it's been time-tested, incredibly reliable and one of the high end manufactures. I aware that gun stores are price gouging now and the gun is priced at $500. Is the price resealable an is the gun what the salesman say?
Let's cover the points one by one.

the gun store salesman
Probably gets a commission. You are right to research this purchase.

time tested
Been around in 9mm since the late 1990s. The first iteration was imported by a different company as the HS2000. The "Gen 2" is the Springfield XD, with some very minor changes.

Some issues have come up over the years, and been dealt with by Springfield. The early finish was prone to rust. They now use the same finish as Glock does. Early locking blocks would sometimes crack. Fixed by an engineering change.

incredibly reliable
I have found it so. You do run into folks on gun boards/blogs/podcasts with an incredible animus against the XD.

high end manufactures.
Springfield is the importer. The manufacturer is someone you've probably never heard of, in Croatia. It is a quality product.

Sounds OK to me. They used to be quite a bit cheaper than Glock, but prices have been creeping up over the years.

I've got the XD40 Service. I've had it for about 5 years. It's a good, reliable, very shootable piece.
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