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Newbie flustered in Illinois

Hello everyone! I am so glad to have found a forum such as this.
Long story short, I am not looking to start a debate thread, I am merely searching for information.

I am 30 years old, recently joined the NRA, and am looking to make my first firearm purchase(s). First, in the great state of Illinois, I need to wait for my FOID card; it's now been over 5 weeks. Believe me, every day I am at the mailbox like a little kid. Anyhow, I am looking to buy a 4" S&W 686 Plus, and a Glock. The exact model Glock is still up in the air until I can shoot a few, but believe I have it narrowed to either a 23, 27, 36, or MAYBE the new 30S. That's not exactly why I'm posting this though.

My worries (admittedly perhaps due to ignorance on my part) are about the state I live in and magazines. Recently, I've heard talk about Illinois banning magazines- not just instating a capacity limit. This is what has my mind in a boggle unable to decide exactly what to do. This would be a substantial purchases for me, and I don't want to get buy a Glock only to have to get rid of it in a few months.

Also, IF there was some crazy limit like 7 placed on magazines, what do I do with a firearm which accepts 13 round magazines? Would the manufacture come out with lower capacity magazines, or would I have the 13 round magazines modified by someone? I'm so lost.

I am certain everyone here is in support of the Second Amendment, and as I mentioned earlier, I don't want to start something about how "they" can't do this or that. I am just here for some guidance about buying a magazine fed firearm in Illinois right now.

Thank you!!!
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