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I ran across this thread and had to comment.

I've had one experience with a Richards Microfit stock and reading about y'all's experiences brought memories. I bought mine in about 1996. I ordered it for a Remington 700 BDL with a bull barrel.

It took months and several phone calls before the stock finally arrived. And yes, as coincidence will have it, mine is similar to the second one xtriggerman's dealing with, although I much prefer the shape of mine around and above the thumbhole. But at least the thumbhole was "ported" reasonably well on mine. I have no complaints about its size or placement.

But I was quite disappointed with the stock's other features. First of all, I realized the "microfit" was a joke. It was, at best, a rather severe exaggeration. "Microfit" implies that the 'smith will have very little fitment to do in order for the stock and barreled action to mate normally. Well, such was not the case. After waiting for months, my stock finally arrived with a standard barrel channel and not a bull barrel one. And the cut-outs for the receiver were just approximate as well. I had to use my Dremel tool to relieve several areas before the action would fit. And of course, I had to open up the barrel channel before the barrel would fit right as well.

The stock exterior was very rough and required a LOT of work with shaping files and rasps before I even started in on the stock with sandpaper. It ended up being a lot of work, but I must say that it is now one of the nicest looking stocks I own, and I get a lot of compliments on this gun. The last time I had it out at the gun range, the rangemaster walked up to me and told me it was THE prettiest rifles he'd ever seen. I was very surprised, considering the guy must see dozens of rifles every day.

In case you're wondering how it shoots, well, I floated the barrel and bedded the action using Brownell's AcraGlass bedding compound. It is a sub-MOA tack driver, which I guess shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering the gun's components and all.

Remington 700BDL, .243 Win., factory bull barrel, Burris Fullfield 6x18 scope, Leupold rings and mount, Richard's Microfit thumbhole stock

Would I order again from Richard's Microfit? I mean that's really the bottom line for me. And the answer is, knowing what I do now, I can prepare myself for the interminable wait, and I'll know in advance the amount of work involved, so knowing all this, yeah, I would order from Richard's again. But I think I'll try somebody else first.
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