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I need a recipe for XXX.

How many times have I seen this on this and many other forums? Invariably in several responses will the need for the questioner to buy/get/read a loading manual or manuals.

OK, some cases are valid. But, loading data for .38s and 9MMs with common powders and bullet weights…. Give me a break.

I wouldn’t want to show my ignorance by asking, what’s a recipe for 158 grain lead round nose bullets in a light target loading for .38 Specials. What is good in my rifle/pistol may or may not be in yours, duh, they are different weapons.

Here’s how I see it. These books are not just setting around at your local grocery store check out. We have to look for them. We have this ‘inter-net’ thing. We can use ‘it’ to find just about anything and can believe some of it.

The ‘Makers’ all want to promote their products and most provide some type of data. Keeping this in mind, ‘their’ provided information is going to be chuck full of their product. Shouldn’t it? That’s what they have a lot of. I don’t have a problem with this unless they were to slam other products and I haven’t seen any evidence of this.

So, where are we? On the Internet we have great amounts of standardized loading information from Tool Makers, Powder Makers, and Bullet Makers. If not all, most can be trusted.

We still have to have a working understanding of the process. This may be overcome by reading or to a questionable extent by viewing on-line videos or, as I see it, the best way, hands on with a mentor. I would opt for all options. It is very daunting to fire your new first loading (new or the umpteenth) in your weapon. All of the questions come back at you. Did I………?

All old time loaders have a set way to do it. I know that I do. And what is more disturbing is that different types of loads will have varying ways that I like to get the loads the way I like. Examples: For some precisions target rifle loadings, I am extremely meticulous about everything. Yet for my ‘junk’ loadings in .45s, I don’t clean/tumble the brass unless it is exceptionally dirty, I use a quick powder dump that is close to what I want, as long as they work and are safe. Would I use the same standards for precisions high pressure rifle loads, NO. It comes down to what am I loading and what for. Just more variable to deal with.

I am willing to help new, learning loaders in the process. Anyone in or near the Amarugia that would like my help, I’m here. For those others, may I suggest that you talk with your LGS. It seems that there is always a few old [email protected]$ hanging around the stores that I frequent. Many will help.

Just start by studying up. Can’t find/afford the books, check out the local library. The loading process hasn’t changed in many, many years, just some of the tools and the ever changing components (and what is available).

OK, I’ll get off of my soap box now. Guys, tell me where I’m going wrong. I can take it, I’ve had good practice. Would you like to meet my X-wife? She will tell all about it, twice…..

Sorry for being such a wind bag.

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