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Originally Posted by L_Killkenny View Post
While Juan Williams is kinda expected to hold the anti-gun line I was surprised at the lack of 2nd amendment support many of their other contributors showed in the beginning including Bill O'Reilly. I don't have specific links but when it all started many at Fox News were fence sitting while leaning towards the left on this issue. IMO they definitely showed their "big city" stripes and ignorance on this issue. The only one on Fox that steadily held the line against semi and highcap mag bans was Hannity.

By the turn around that I've noticed in the last week, I'm not the only one who felt this way and someone put a bug in their ear.
Shows how fragile our rights are. I heard the same thing on conservative talk radio for a week after the tragedy. Now the same hosts are saying the exact opposite with regard to ARs and high cap mags. Sickening.

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