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I agree with the posts questioning the messaging of the ad.

Like it or not, issues such as gun control are largely driven by the 'court of public opinion'. How Joe-sixpack who does not own guns perceives 'gun owners' as a collective matters because Joe-sixpack votes and has an opinion.

To all that think the advertisement is great, ask yourself, did it help or hurt gun owners in the court of public opinion?

Messaging matters.

What the NRA should be doing is to create a message that resonates more broadly. I am sure the ad did great with 'the base' as it were but to what end? Why preach to the choir at the expense of improving the 'public perception' of gun owners and gun ownership?

Why not focus more on prominent, sensible individuals of all stripes and backgrounds explaining, rationally and without going off the hilt, why gun ownership and guns are not the problem? Why focus on creating a message for people whose opinions do not need to be swayed?
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