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I just simply don't feel that wearing a uniform at one time is any type of qualification.

Retired LEO's OTOH, have some past experience with dealing with the public.

I understand vet's aren't active military. That's not the issue at the moment.
It goes back to my first sentence up above.

Presently, the military has no training program in place for teaching civilian law enforcement.
If they had had such a program, then that would mean that vets did have some sort of training in that area.

It's sort of a catch 22.

In order for such an idea to work long term, then the military would have to institute some sort of civilian law enforcement training so future vets would be suited for the job.

The last thing I want is for the military to start training soldiers to be police.
Lord knows, there's way too much of the reverse going on right now - the police adapting military tactics, weapons and mannerisms...

Maybe with the right screening and training....

As far as janitors and/or teachers, I'm for it.
Both put up with more crap from kids daily than 90% of the population would stand for.

P.S. - I should add here also that I'm not dead set against the idea.
Matter of fact, it would be in my best financial interests if a voluntary staff could be used.
My first reaction to using vets is not a positive one though - for the reasons above.


Ok after looking through the whole thing..
I can't find any reference to vets in the link -am I missing it?

#2 - and I believe this is why the proposal is only for LE/retired LE.
Ohio has a - bizarre (to put it kindly) way of hiring law enforcment.
You have to complete the Ohio Peace Officer Training Course before you can be hired.
The bizarre part is, to attend the Ohio Police Acadamy, you have to be a member of a law enforcment agency.

"The sheriff said he would swear in more retired officers as armed substitute teachers if they are certified officers and pass a background check."

So, what that boils down to is the Sheriff will swear in (i'm assuming he that he's going to make them deputies) people who have the Ohio Peace Officer Certification.

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