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This might be a little off topic, but this post from the guy I debated a while back just nauseates me

He doesn't see the problem with the NYC law, and such, to provide some context to this post of his, I had pointed out that the laws punish the law abiding, a criminal would not go through the hassel of trying to purchase a firearm legitimately if it's simply easier to buy off of the black market or steal it.

"I would argue it's not easier to make black market connections or break into someone's home rather than act like a normal person for a day in order to buy a gun face to face with someone. It's not like every potentially violent criminal is going to have a teardrop tattoo and a prison jumpsuit, and even if they were mentally unstable enough to do violent crime, you average joe would never be able to tell that because it's even very hard for psychiatrists to do that (which is why most psychologists and psychiatrists don't want the gun control debate to go over to mental health; it's nearly impossible to figure out who is going to do violent things, the mental health examiners are afraid of being liable for not being able to figure out who was going to start shooting, and once people know their mental health provider is reporting to the state they aren't going to keep coming)."

He's making the assumption that criminals and the like are not on record or that the basket case is going to easily be able to purchase one legitimately. Granted the latter may hold some water due to the way the system works right now, but really, this is naive at best.
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