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Slamms listen If your unsure about a loading, just start over, and if your sure about your loading and it's written, and you've been shooting it for awhile, what's the problem?
In my loading I use labels to tell me what the five cartridges in the bag are, when I shoot the load I stick that label on the target, when I get home I study everything about the load, (including range notes, like excessive pressure, weird shot noise, hard bolt lift, etc.) then I work from there, I find something I might want to further work on, if not the target and the data go to the trash, and I start the further work-up on the keeper data.
Only after I prove a load to be the best for what I'm wanting will it get written into my black book, and I call this load " The One".
It works for me, although sometimes I can't remember what data I have tried, ( "ole-timers") but if it's written, then I confidently load multiple boxes and practice.
Thanks for coming!
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